This is DJ Goofy Whitekid.

DJGWK (as his friends call him) does a mixshow for Top 40 stations every week. It’s really good. We call it “The Show.”

The Show with DJ Goofy Whitekid airs on a bunch of cool radio stations right now.

listen to it:

DJ Goofy Whitekid has one of America’s best mix shows. Here’s why:

  1. Better Song Selection.
  2. Precise mixing and production like you hear in the clubs, but with major market programming sensibilities.
  3. The Show arrives Way Early, not Friday at 6:23pm.
  4. Delivery via MrMaster or WAN auto-load for NexGen stations… no downloading required!
  5. Available dry, or hosted by Kiss108/Boston personality Mikey V & The Night Crew
  6. Sales opportunities with club visits to your market.
  7. Customized mixes available for major events (core artist concerts, holidays, etc).
  8. Frequently updated podcasts and social networking interaction.
  9. No Paid Placement, GUARANTEED.

The Show with DJ Goofy Whitekid airs each week on over 30 great radio stations, including:

  • WIOQ – Philadelphia, PA
  • WIHT – Washington, DC
  • WKQI – Detroit, MI
  • WFLZ – Tampa, FL
  • WKST – Pittsburgh, PA
  • WNRW – Louisville, KY
  • WJFX – Ft. Wayne, IN
  • iHeartRadio (SpinCycle channel)
  • And many more!

“We are very happy with the show! It is always current, well tested songs, seamlessly mixed. I would put this show up against any other out there today!”
– Keith Allen / iHeartRadio

For details about The Show, and how to get it for your station, use the links on the right! E-mail DJ Goofy Whitekid at!

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